Xi'an Jiaotong University of Jinqiao Overseas Education

Xi'an Jiaotong University of Jinqiao Overseas Education (formerly the Xi'an Jiaotong University overseas education service center) is an overseas education service agency approved by the Ministry of Education, with the aim of inheriting traditional education resources and creating outstanding overseas education brand, to make full use of their advantages of resources and to communicate intensively with the world famous universities in the aspects of international education and culture. Jinqiao overseas education has built a bridge to the world famous overseas universities for the majority of students.


XiJiao Cambridge International Education Research Institute

XiJiao Cambridge International Education Research Institute is mainly to build platform which is professional education research service. CIERI’s mission is to integrate the resources of high quality educators, principals and teachers. The Institute aims to investigate and explore the education philosophies, education patterns and methods which are appropriate for the present day and the future. We will establish the education norms and standards under the umbrella of Cambridge International Education and will be carried out and promoted in our center and collaborate with schools. CIERI will occasionally hold a wide variety of international education forums and academic exchange activities; we will actively participate in conferences both domestically and abroad, as appropriate.


XiJiao Cambridge GAC&PMP Center

XiJiao Cambridge GAC&PMP Center has built a very close partnership with three international institutions, such as ACT, UCLES and ETS. Students can have a smooth transition in overseas universities from English language, education methods to thinking patterns through studying in our Center, where students are able to adapt to overseas study and life as soon as possible and successfully complete their study. Meanwhile the Center offers a whole range of overseas study services including going abroad consulting service, training before going abroad and visa application, which pave the way for students to be admitted by overseas well-known universities.


Xi'an Jiaotong University Jinqiao Telfort International Education Center

In 2015, having researching the cooperative education mode between China and foreign countries selectively, Xi'an Jiaotong University Jinqiao overseas education has jointly organized the Xi'an Jiaotong University Jinqiao Telfort International Education Center with Telfort International Education Center in Shanghai. Through the introduction of advanced teaching concept and teaching experience of outstanding overseas universities, based on the northwest of China, via the new unique international overseas education mode, Jinqiao overseas education is trying to form industry-led advanced internationalization education system. The leading international education project - IBP international full-time undergraduates, PMP full-time International Masters courses have brought excellent overseas university education resources and management style into practical teaching and management processes, to adopt the teaching management mode, teaching staff, teaching courseware and teaching standards synchronizing with international universities and colleges, 60% of the core professional courses taught by foreign teachers; our center ensure all the IBP/PMP students from all over the world could be enjoyed the unified high standardized teaching method and service so as to nurture practical talents with global horizon.


Examination Center authorized by ABE

In April 20, 2016, the British Association of Business Executives(ABE) with a project located in Xi’an Jiaotong University Jinqiao Telfort International Education Center, which means the center has become the first Northwest Examination Center authorized by ABE (Xi'an) Examination Center in China. The most valuable mission of ABE( XI’AN) Examination Center is that whether you are on the way to the higher academic and professional achievement or you have already become a successful entrepreneur, the certification of ABE would assist you to achieve your next objective. Besides, ABE certification could both better improve your personal skills and broaden your knowledge field; meanwhile, ABE certification could offer you endless confidence enabling you to become the greatest winner in your whole life.


XiJiao KangQiao International School

XiJiao KangQiao International School focuses on universal education ranging from preschool education to secondary education. With the full use of advanced education and teaching concept of Xi`an JiaoTong University`s foundation education institution, outstanding foundation education brand and unique educational resources, XiJiao KangQiao International School is established as ‘Four in One’ foundation education base ---high starting point, strict standard, top level, multifunction, which includes child care center, primary school, junior high school and senior high school.

Following the provincial instructions about school`s standards: it plans and construction of the school building requirement, moreover, it starts the distinct ‘dual- principle and dual-teacher ‘system, reciprocate the oriental and western culture essence. With well-qualified and well-experienced Chinese and foreign teachers form a strong and good faculty, it brings the school management in line with international standards.

More than a half of teachers have over 5-year teaching experience; 18% own Master Degree or even higher; 16% possess extra professional qualifications, for instance, Special Education Training, IB Training, IGCSE Training, etc.


XiJiao NanYang School

XiJiao NanYang School proposes and fulfills ‘Respect Teachers and Value Education’ philosophy of schooling and set ‘innovative education &cultivating the talents’ as school goal. With the guide of innovation-driven development strategy, by educational reform and innovation, XiJiao NanYang School with the international view, makes great efforts to explore the new road towards innovative competence-oriented education, insisting best quality, being based on good software and hardware and the first-class faculty. It carries out multicultural teaching design; provides the education service platform to cultivate individual specialties; lays emphasis on students` integrated development; carries out training of the gifted in the early age; and tries hard to become a leading school of research-based & innovation-driven foundation education.


Xi’an Cambridge Education Group ( Shaanxi XiJiao Cambridge Education & Technology Co, Ltd.) was set up by Xi’an JiaoTong University Holding Co., Ltd in 2015 in response to the calling for Innovation-Driven Development of China, functioning as a platform for a new mode of educational investment and management.

It undertakes to practice the 120-year virtues of XJTU and follow the motto of XJTU-Rigor, Integrity, Determination and Loyalty. It will commit itself to cultivating talents with creativity and world-view for China and the world at large.

The Group’s vision is to take root in XJTU, to launch innovation in education, and to realize cultivation of talents in different areas.

Its mission is to fulfil the educational philosophy of teaching and learning, as well as innovating education both internally and externally, and to grow world-class education institutes so as to facilitate all-round development of students and ultimately that of China and international community.

Throughout the last decades, dramatic changes have taken place in social and economic needs both at home and abroad. Coupled with these changes has come the new demand for talents, which, in turn, entails innovation in education for future development and determines the national core competency in the long run. The essence of such an innovation-driven strategy rests in talents with creativity and entrepreneurship. In this sense, Xi Jiao Cambridge Education Group will carry out the mission to innovate education by synthesizing quality educational resources all over the world in the hope of making contribution to China.

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